Company Profile

Shenzhen Slemon Technology Co., Ltd. (Slemon for short) is the world's leading provider of sole cleaner and entry pollution control system. It is committed to preventing ground pollution and improving the indoor environment. It is the first national high-tech enterprise in this field.

Established in 2007, Slemon is a pioneer in China's sole cleaner and sole sterilizer, providing customers with professional and reliable products and services in the field of ground pollution prevention.

Slemon insists on customer-oriented innovation, invests in research and development, and promotes the progress of the industry. It has been awarded one of the 5th Shenzhen Municipal Independent Innovation Top 100 SMEs. Since 2015, Slemon has established strategic partnerships with Heute, a 100-year old company in Germany, British Dycem, Japanese and Korean companies to create value for global customers.

Slemon's competence has gained the respect of the industry and the widespread recognition of the market. It has been well received by multinational companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Volkswagen, Yili and Pepsi. Its business covers more than 50 countries and regions.


Ø Slemon’s philosophy towards customers

Slemon insists on customer-oriented philosophy. Only by fully understanding the needs of customers can we better help customers solve problems and provide competitive products. Only approved by customers, will Slemon get orders, and obtain the conditions for its existence and development. Slemon's customers attach great importance to environmental quality to improve the quality of products or quality of life. Slemon provides the most competitive products and solutions to offer customers irreplaceable value in this professional field.


Ø Slemon’s philosophy towards R&D

R&D is the source of competitiveness for technology companies. Slemon continues to invest in R&D of the best ground pollution prevention and control products for different demands of customers. The Slemon’s R&D team exceeds 15% of the company’s total staff and the investment accounts for about 8% of its operating income.


Ø Slemon’s philosophy towards service

Service ensures the product function and quality continuity. Together with its partners, Slemon will provide timely and professional services to customers.