Automatic shoe sole cleaner for safety shoes RW18

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Automatic shoe sole cleaner for safety shoes RW18

Fully automatic shoe sole cleaner for safety shoes RW18

Product Characteristics

1. Main body: pure 304 stainless steel sheet integral welding, high strength, great integrity, rust resistance and water resistance.

2. High Strength Frame Beam: The main load-bearing frame is made of 304 stainless steel square connection of 20*20 mm or more.

3. Electronic control: DC24V ASIC control board and 25A high current relay are used in circuit board to ensure electrical safety from design margin.


Modular cleaning structure

1. Quick removal cleaning brush: independent brush structure, realize 10 seconds replacement, realize fast cleaning without dead angle in the tank, and ensure that there is no clean dead angle and impurity residue in the tank.

2. Self-cleaning structure: the unique brush near the bottom tank structure. When the equipment starts, the brush cleans the bottom of the storage tank by itself to ensure that there is no impurity deposition under the cleaning area.

3. Anti-rust bearings: High-strength built-in nylon bearings are used for quick removal of brush to ensure that the structure can be quickly replaced without rusting or jamming in long-term use.

4.Lightweight and lengthened brush hair: special-designed cleaning brush, combined with grid bracket, the brush can effectively clean up to 5mm; it can more effectively clean deep grain sole, widely used in cleaning deep grain labor insurance shoes, boots and other applications.


Efficient Dust Removal Structure

1. Inclined flume. The bottom of the main tank inclines to dry zone to effectively empty the cleaning zone water.

2. Funnel-type catchment tank. A funnel-type catchment tank is arranged below the suction drying area to centrally empty the sewage and remove large-scale debris.


Drying Zone

1. Anti-skid water extrusion board. Wave multi-orifice plate, when each time the sponge is stepped on, it squeezes the sponge; Wave-shaped structure to prevent skid and water from being sucked back by the sponge.

2. Unilateral buckle fixed sponge frame. Multi-folded sponge frame fixed with buckle and stripping and multi-folded orifice plate further increases the anti-skid property of sponge.