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Shoe sole dirt is the main contamination resource for floor micro pollution and floating dust pollution especially for higher clean requiring area and hygienic space. High cleanliness is the key factor for optimizing the quality of work and producing goods. SLEMON® have both wet clean and dry clean type sole cleaning machine and complete hygiene station. Offer the best cleaning solution to reduce security risk and clean cost caused by contamination from footwear and personnel. Suitable for passage, entrance and exit of workshop,clean room,office,pharmaceutical,food, hospital etc.

Automatic shoe sole cleaner with belt brush wet clean E18

Why Choose Us?
Qeejoy  is the world's leading supplier of sole cleaner machine and entrance pollution control system.

Sole cleaner can replace dust pad and shoe cover, saving production cost

Cleaning Effect
The cleaning efficiency of sole cleaner is as high as 99%, which can effectively block sole pollution and reduce air dust
Control Costs
Using sole cleaner can reduce labor cost and ground maintenance cost
Enhance Image
Improve the quality of the factory and create a good corporate image for customers
About Us

Who is QEEJOY ?

Shenzhen Slemon Technology Co.,Ltd is the world's leading manufacture in the field of one stop solution on shoe sole cleaning and sanitizing equipment and station. we are committed on R&D, produce, sales overseas to bring a clean and safe working and living environment to everyone, each organization and enterprise with professionals. At present, QEEJOY as SLEMON's overseas brand business covers more than 70 countries and regions, serving millions of people .

QEEJOY regards innovation as the highest goal of the company, constantly improves the research and development ability, changes the style of production and life with professional technology.

Who is affect QEEJOY ?

QEEJOY relies on customers and partners externally, stick to taking customers as the center and creates value for customers through innovative products. Internal rely on the hard work of the staff, the strivers as foundation, let the contributors get a reasonable return, and with suppliers, partners, industrial organizations, universities, research institutions to build a win-win ecosystem to promote technological progress and industrial development.

What did we bring ?

Creating value for customers. QEEJOY provides customers with leading innovative, minimalist, intelligent, safe and reliable products and solutions to help them enjoy the work and life experience in a high-quality environment.

Qeejoy is the world's leading supplier of sole cleaners and entrance pollution control systems.